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Natalia Hills (English)

In Dance, Tango por Luz by Luz Valbuena

In spite of her youth, Natalia Hills is a dancer who already has a long career behind her, from her training with the great maestros to endless tours of the Unites States. Two years ago she took a further step forward and formed her own dance company, Tangueros del sur, with which she put together the show Romper el piso. A life spent between travels and tradition. Leer en español

In the cover photo: Natalia Hills y Alejandro Aquino (2015)

You’ve come a long way, kid

Natalia Hills has an intense gaze, strong features and olive skin. At first glance, a slogan writer might declare her to be a genuine dark and dusky Argentine woman: an ideal dancer for tourist postcards, a woman who can captivate the kind of visitor who is looking for showy choreography rather than the embrace, dramatic effects rather than subtlety.

However, in contrast to such clichés which are presented as the ultimate truth for export, Hills’ concern is of a different nature. It is what she sums up at one point in the conversation with el tangauta as “dancing with one’s feet on the floor”. Without jumps or spectacular effects.
Her history bears out her words. Hills belongs to a generation of dancers that were raised in neighborhood milongas, when the international success of the Tango Argentino company was still more of a rumor than a tangible reality and tango circulated as though it were a secret jealously guarded by the custodians of the porteño treasure. Her training intertwined legendary dancers with her family legacy. In the 1980s, tango survived as best it could in the feet of dancers, and in the few orchestras and stoical musicians. It is to here that the origins of her links with the dance can be traced. READ EXCLUSIVE BELOW
Romper el piso | Break the floor
Tangueros del sur | Natalia Hills
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My dream was never to make it to Broadway or have a company. All I knew was that I wanted to dance.Natalia Hills –
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Tango Revista Magazine Nr 204

El Tangauta Revista | Magazine Nº 204 (OCT 2011)
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TEXTS: Andrés Casak + Luz Valbuena
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Make up by Sabrina Tonelli
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